When it comes to automobile safety, nothing is more important than a precise running brake system. Proper and timely brake inspections are essential to both the safety and efficiency of your vehicle.  At AutoFair we only use factory parts and brake fluid to keep the braking system of your vehicle operating proficiently.

Your Complete Brake Service Includes:
• Fluid services available with Lifetime Warranty
through Valvoline. 
• Certified brake technicians perform all the work.
• The right repair by the right technician saves
 you time and money.


At AutoFair, our expertly trained and certified brake technicians use only the recommended factory parts and fluids to accurately maintain and extend the life of the brake system, which ultimately keeps both you and your family safe. If you have concerns or questions regarding your car's brake systems, do not hesitate to schedule a brake inspection at one of the conveniently located AutoFair service centers in Manchester, Merrimack, and Stratham NH, along with Haverhill MA.

The brakes are one of the most important parts of your vehicle. Letting them wear down until you hear that telltale squeal or feel a shudder in the front-end as you apply the brake is not a good idea. Proper brake inspections are important in maintaining your brakes. 

You may want to also look at your tires, since the presence of excessive brake dust on your wheel rims usually means you may be braking to hard. This may be because your tires aren't providing the proper traction. Poor tire traction will not give your brakes the assist they need in bringing your vehicle to a full stop as quickly as possible. Proper traction from your tires can also help you improve your mileage. 

That telltale squeal you hear may mean that the brake pads are starting to wear away on the brake shoe.  This however is not as serious as the grinding sound you may hear, when the brake shoes are totally worn and they are now metal to metal with your brake rotor. This is not only unsafe, it is usually a very costly repair as well. 

If you must depress your brake pedal farther than usual, if it does not feel right when you depress it or if the brake pedal is lacking resistance that used to be there when you push down on it, you may need brake maintenance on your vehicle.  Additional signs that you may need brake include air in your brake lines, a slow leak in the brake caliper, a faulty brake caliper. At AutoFair, our certified brake technicians take their job seriously. Regardless of whatever make or model vehicle you may own we have the experience and expertise to handle your brake maintenance thoroughly and efficiently.

We only use recommended and manufacturer approved parts and brake fluid to keep your braking system operating optimally because at AutoFair. If you have any concerns about the brake system on your vehicle, do not hesitate to schedule a brake inspection at AutoFair today. After all, your service is our service at AutoFair. 

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