2017 Honda Accord - New Hampshire


Looking for a reliable car that gets great gas mileage and is affordable without skimping on features? You need look no further than the 2017 Honda Accord. Like its younger brother--the Civic--the Honda Accord has long been a favorite in the market for offering the best in style, performance and comfort without charging exorbitant prices.

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Honda has been busy revamping its flagship vehicles to generate some more excitement around these staples. Sure, they've always been solid offerings, but some had customers had become underwhelmed by their modest designs.

Just like the Civic, the Honda Accord has undergone a design makeover to get a sportier image. The 2017 Honda Accord looks less like the car that your parents would drive to the office and more like the car your college freshmen would be proud to drive to pick up friends for a night on the town.

The 2017 Honda Accord has a sleek profile with a strong front end and a glossy finish. Specific upgrades include redesigned front and rear fascia, new LED tail lights and fog lights, and a new wheel design. The exterior changes to the Accord are not as extreme as those that were made to the Civic, which looks more like a light version of a sports car. The Accord retains its sedan vibe, but it has more sophisticated polishing. Seeing is believing. Visit AutoFair Honda in Manchester to get a closer look at the 2017 Honda Accord and take a test drive. You'll find out that the new Accord is not all beauty without the brawn. This dependable sedan offers amazing performance, as well.

Available with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
Honda didn't stop at the exterior with its upgrades for the 2017 Accord. You'll find design updates throughout the interior, ranging from aesthetic upgrades like the modern and roomy interior to technological upgrades like the improved infotainment center.

Now, the Honda Accord comes with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which provide smart phone integration for more entertainment options. You don't just plug in your phone and stream the audio through the auxiliary jack like in the past. You can completely integrate your phone so that you can access a variety of the features and apps, including calling, navigation, text messaging, and music streaming services like YouTube, I Heart Radio, and Spotify.

You can basically turn your infotainment system into a command center for your smartphone, creating seamless integration of your data. The system also makes it easier -- and safer -- to answer calls and text messages. The system automatically turns up the volume as you drive faster so that you don't have to mess with controls while you are driving at higher speeds. Overall, the system makes your ride more pleasant and much safer. Bring your smartphone to your test drive at AutoFair Honda in Manchester, NH and see what a difference the system makes.

Introducing the HondaSensing Safety Package
Smartphone integration is just one of the many ways that the 2017 Honda Accord has been made safer. The new Accord also has the comprehensive HondaSensing Safety Package, which includes numerous driving assistance features.

Some of the many safety features included in the package are the road departure migration system, which uses a camera to identify lane dividers, pavement markers and more to alert drivers when they are leaving the road; adaptive cruise control, which automatically adjusts speed based on cars in front of you; and a multi-angle rearview camera, which provides a more comprehensive view of what's behind you.

With the HondaSensing Safety Package, you'll feel like you have a co-pilot in the passenger seat, letting you know about dangers on the road. The system will keep you safe when you are exploring the New England country side where deer like to run in the road and bushes seem to easily sneak up behind you when you are backing out of a space.

Test Drive a 2017 Accord at AutoFair Honda
We can tell you about all the wonderful things that the 2017 Honda Accord has to offer, but the only way to understand its value for yourself is to take a test drive. Make an appointment with AutoFair Honda in Manchester, and we'll have financing offers and a trade-in value ready for you.

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